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Live in a ‘Sculpture’ – The Cunningham House in Oklahoma City

Key Points:

  • Striking midcentury-modern home designed by Herb Greene
  • Completed in 1962
  • Available for purchase at $1.3 million
  • Unique architectural design that stands out

A stunning midcentury-modern home, designed by the renowned architect Herb Greene, is now available for purchase in Oklahoma City. Completed in 1962, the Cunningham House has been described as a living “sculpture” due to its striking and unique design. This architectural gem can be yours for a cool $1.3 million.

Why the Cunningham House is a Must-See for Home Buyers

Distinct Architectural Design

Herb Greene’s signature style is evident in the design of the Cunningham House. Its distinctive features include an undulating roofline, an open floor plan, and the integration of natural materials. This midcentury-modern masterpiece is not only a home, but also a piece of art that offers a truly unique living experience.

Location and Lifestyle

The Cunningham House is located in Oklahoma City, which offers a vibrant lifestyle and a growing real estate market. With its close proximity to parks, shopping centers, and cultural attractions, this home is perfect for those looking to enjoy the best of urban living in a one-of-a-kind residence.

In the words of a Kansas City Realtor, “The Cunningham House is a rare find in today’s market. It’s not often that you come across a home that is not only a beautiful place to live but also a work of art. This is the kind of property that will definitely get people talking.”

Final Thoughts: An Unparalleled Living Experience

Living in the Cunningham House is like living in a sculpture. The unique design and architectural features of this midcentury-modern home make it a must-see for anyone looking to purchase a one-of-a-kind property. As the Realtor mentioned, “This home is a conversation starter, and it’s perfect for those who appreciate art and architecture as much as they value a comfortable and stylish living space.”

So, if you’re in the market for a distinctive and stylish home, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the Cunningham House. It’s not just a home for sale, but an architectural masterpiece that offers an unparalleled living experience.

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