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Without moving a muscle, discover the ideal agent match for you

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Why Choose Us?

How We Help You

We hand select the perfect real estate agent for you!
No algorithms or robots, just real people.
We’re with you every step of the way, happy to help.

How Others Fail to Help

Chatbots with pre-programmed responses
Real estate agents are now being matched with clients through algorithms.
Proving difficult to access and not involved in the activity.

How It Works

Get started. Find an agent.

Why You Should Work With Us

315,000 clients and counting

For the past 10+ years, Real Estate Agent Search has been the go-to resource for homeowners and homebuyers for finding reputable real estate professionals.

Your real estate assistant

Our representatives are available every week of the week to assist you in your house search, link you with an agent, or get you pre-approved for a mortgage.

Agents who know YOUR area

With a vast network exceeding 40,000 outstanding agents, we cater to 94% of home searches conducted nationwide.

Absolutely invaluable! They connected us with an outstanding agent who has now become like family to us. Beyond just selling our house, she's actively working on selling a piece of land for us. If it weren't for Real Estate Agent Search, I'm skeptical we would have ever come across the realtor who perfectly suits our needs.

Aura Brooks

Home & Money seamlessly matched me with an agent who exhibited exceptional commitment and diligence in collaborating with me to locate the flawless home for my family. Without delay, my dedicated agent reached out, and within a matter of months, skillfully managed my transition to the exact home I had been aspiring for.

Eve Crawford

Extremely polite, attentive to my worries, and incredibly effective. Once I was prepared to list the property, he promptly had it listed on the market. Delivered results more swiftly than I had anticipated. Any challenges that arose were swiftly dealt with in a timely manner.

Jack Graham

Exhibiting a high level of courtesy, he attentively listened to my concerns and showcased remarkable efficiency. As soon as I signaled my readiness to list the property, he expedited its market placement. Nicholas surpassed my expectations by achieving results in a remarkably short time frame. Any obstacles that arose were promptly and effectively addressed without delay.

Zak Reid

Get started. Find an agent.